Rich Munro

Rich Munro

CEO & Founder

Rich is the founder of Ecorth. He has been working in the ESG industry for 10+ years.

Rich launched Ecorth in 2017 with the objective of simplifying complex climate science for businesses and investors. Ecorth is now one of the leading climate risk applications with its unique Ecorth App.

He previously worked as a Senior ESG Analyst at Manifest (now Minerva Analytics), where he lead the ROW and Americas teams. The Independent Research Responsible Investment (IRRI) previously named him as one of the Top 225 Analysts for Client Relations in Socially Responsible Investment and one of the Top 300 Analysts in Socially Responsible Investment.

He has a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of Plymouth and a Portfolio & Risk Management certificate from the University of Geneva. In his spare time, Rich likes to travel, hike, and swim.